Knowledge is NOT Power Speaker at NAYDO 2018 The Power of Team

Knowledge is NOT Power

Contrary to popular belief, knowledge is NOT power. Sharing knowledge in a way that inspires people, piques interest, and captivates curiosity IS the real power.

I’ve seen many brilliant people keep their ideas isolated. Or they fail to articulate their ideas with the right amount of clarity, energy, or passion.

It takes work to ensure that a message delivered is indeed a message received. I continue to work on it. I use all the “crayons in my box” to weave both leadership and showmanship to engage audiences.

For me, these crayons are creativity, marketing/fundraising expertise, many hours of flight time as a trainer, and 20+ years as a professional magician. I don’t use just one crayon, I use them all and I mix them in different shades to inspire others (hopefully) and help fill the “wonder gap” I see in this world.

So don’t limit yourself. Don’t hoard your ideas. Share your knowledge with the world. Use all the crayons in your box and don’t be afraid to color outside the lines.

What crayons are in your box? And how are you using them?