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We’ve all been to them…trainings that lack substance or retreats that inspire yawns. Well, no longer.


Hi, I’m John Guastaferro. As a global speaker, branding strategist, and professional magician, I create dynamic experiences that Educate, Entertain, and Energize teams. From board retreats to corporate offsites, I combine the power of leadership and showmanship to captivate teams and inspire action. 

Powerful and Entertaining Keynotes

Dynamic Skills-Based Trainings

Staff and Board Leadership Retreats

Professional Coaching and Consulting

Meet John

Welcome to One Degree Connect. I’ve dedicated my career to growing brands, advancing causes, and building strong teams. Beyond the business world, I am a global speaker and professional magician, inspiring thousands of people across ten countries.


I help professionals discover the power of “one degree” strategies to connect three critical factors for success: Team, Brand, and Cause. 

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Professional Services

  • Inspiring & Entertaining Keynotes
  • Board & Staff Retreats
  • Dynamic Team Trainings
  • Corporate Offsites
  • Custom-designed Workshops
  • Strategic Plan Facilitation
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Brand Messaging/Design
  • Fundraising Consulting

Example Topics

  • “The Power of Imagination, Presentation & Interaction”
  • “Captivate and Amaze your Clients”
  • “The Magic of Storytelling”
  • “Connecting People to the Extraordinary”
  • “Spark Magic in your Team, Brand, Cause”
  • “Successful Nonprofit Fundraising”
  • “Build a Culture of Philanthropy”
  • “Build Purpose-driven Leaders”
  • Custom Topics for Your Organization

Connecting Team, Brand & Cause

Today’s consumers are looking for more than great products. They want to feel connected to you, your brand promise, and your social values. 


This is why it’s so vital to connect your TEAM, BRAND, and CAUSE.  I help you bring all three areas into synergistic alignment for a powerful framework for success.

The One Degree Difference

At One Degree Connect, I help you uncover pivotal one degree strategies to connect the power of team, brand, and cause. Just as heating water from 211 to 212˚ takes it to the boiling point, even a one degree shift can create extraordinary possibilities. It’s a topic I cover extensively in my book One Degree, and in my travels across ten countries. Success is closer than we think…just one degree away.


Expert tools and immediate value


Memorable and magical experience 


Renewed purpose and passion


Want to spark magic in your team and your business?

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