Revitalizing Team, Brand, Cause

Your team is the backbone to how you connect with the world, yet is often the most underutilized aspect of your organization's success. Internationally-recognized author and speaker John Guastaferro brings the power of people to the forefront. Infusing strategic know-how with an entertaining twist, John creates dynamic trainings, retreats, keynotes, and leadership experiences that connect your Team, Brand, and Cause.

Powerful and Entertaining Keynotes

Compelling and entertaining
Messaging aligned to your brand
Skilled international speaker

Dynamic Skills-based Trainings

Range of expert topics
Professional, practical tools
Interactive and energizing

Board and Leadership Team Retreats

Half-day to multi-day
Expert facilitation
Powerful team building

Coaching and Project Consulting

Individual and team coaching
Project consulting
Boards and C-suites

Meet John

As an award-winning marketing professional and international speaker, I have spent more than 20 years moving people and communities forward.


At One Degree Connect, I connect leaders to their inner-purpose—and ultimately their greater good.

More About John

Connecting People to the Extraordinary


Hi, I’m John Guastaferro, and I connect people to the extraordinary. I weave 20+ years of business expertise and world-renowned magic to create amazing experiences for teams. I make complex topics interesting and turn the mundane into the marvelous. From keynotes to multi-day retreats, I create leadership experiences that Educate, Entertain, and Energize (E3).



In my work with numerous corporate and nonprofit teams, I focus on three critical areas for success: TEAM, BRAND, and CAUSE. These areas must do more than coexist—they must be synergistically connected.

I help put strategies into place that : 1) Revitalize teams; 2) Build brand messaging and brand champions; and 3) Increase awareness of your cause.


About John Guastaferro



20+ years leadership experience

Consultant with numerous organizations

Speaker at AFP, NAYDO, and other associations 



 Presenter in over 50 cities across eight countries

Author of international-selling One Degree 

Member of the world-famous Magic Castle



Certified Fundraising Executive

Raised over $5 million for nonprofits

Board Member, Anaheim Community Foundation








Practical and powerful learning tools


Amazing and immersive experience


Renewed team purpose and passion



Our Services

From coaching to corporate offsites, ODC delivers multifaceted experiences that educate, entertain, and energize.

  • Board and Team Retreats
  • Entertaining Event Keynotes
  • Skills-based Team Trainings
  • Custom-designed Workshops
  • Executive Coaching
  • Project Consulting
  • Brand identity and messaging
  • Cause-related marketing
  • Strategic Planning

Example Topics

ODC offers numerous topics and custom-designed workshops, all aligned to your organization’s goals and strategic priorities.

  • Align Team + Brand + Cause
  • Captivate and Amaze your Clients
  • The Magic of Philanthropy
  • Motivate Teams During Company Growth
  • Marketing Your Cause
  • Nonprofit Success in Annual Giving
  • Reignite Purpose, Power & Passion
  • Achieving Shared Vision
  • Motivation Through Magic

Why ODC?

1Trusted Expertise

John is a consultant and speaker with numerous local and national organizations, He brings over 20 years in marketing, fundraising, and leadership development experience.

2Worldwide Acclaim

As an author, speaker, and performer in the magical arts, John has traveled the world to present in eight countries. John weaves stage presence and business expertise to captivate teams and give them a memorable experience.

3Purpose Driven

John is passionate about connecting teams to social causes. He is a longtime YMCA professional, Anaheim Community Foundation board member, and Certified Fundraising Executive, raising over $5 million.

The One Degree Difference

We are led to believe that big results require massive changes, yet the extraordinary is closer than we think…one degree away. Just as heating water from 211 to 212˚ takes it to the boiling point, a one degree tweak can create a powerful pool of possibilities. I’ve had the privilege of speaking across the world and exploring this topic in my book One Degree. Through ODC, I help leaders uncover pivotal one degree opportunities to take their team, their brand, and their cause to greater heights.

Have an upcoming project? Let’s discuss how to make it extraordinary.

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