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Training and Team Building at OneOC

I’m honored to be an official trainer with OneOC, the largest and most comprehensive of the 250 volunteer centers nationwide.

Based in Orange County, CA, OneOC’s Center for Business & Community Partnerships helps companies build and grow their giving and employee volunteering programs.

I am privileged to volunteer my time as a trainer with OneOC to help nonprofits build their capacity, expand their marketing efforts, and strengthen their fundraising. I developed a custom 3-hour training entitled Marketing The Cause, which has been met with high praise from the numerous Orange County nonprofits who attend the past two years. I will also being leading a training on Annual Giving in May 2017.

Building the power of boards and teams is a cornerstone of JOHN G CONSULTING. The power of people, especially those who represent your brand to the outside world, is a vital part of advancing your purpose. By aligning your team with your brand and your cause, it helps unveil new opportunities for success.

If you’d like to discuss a potential custom training for your team, I’d be happy to provide a free outline. Whether it’s a one-hour training or a half-day workshop, I can design an experience that will be memorable, inspiring, and connected to your cause. Fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch shortly.

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