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Pricing & Packages

One Degree Connect delivers a powerful combination to connect your team, brand, and cause. From keynotes to full day retreats, I deliver leadership experiences infused with captivating magic and powerful success strategies.



  • 60-90 minute keynote presentation or compact training
  • Powerfully entertaining
  • Motivate, energize and inspire your team
  • Packed with strategic and practical insights to provide immediate value
  • Highlights strategies in a memorable way through moments of interactive magic
  • Weaves in your brand messaging and strategic priorities



  • 4 hour team leader experience
  • Take a deeper dive into Team, Brand, and Cause through interactive learning opportunities
  • Actionable content throughout
  • Includes consultation with your leadership team to target desired outcomes
  • Perfect for a team half-day retreat or a diverse coalition of attendees
  • Motivates thinking and action
  • Professionally-designed slide deck, handouts, and training tools



  • 8 hour leadership retreat
  • Interactive and immersive full-day experience
  • Perfect for board retreats, corporate offsites, or strategic planning
  • Includes pre-planning, consultation with key staff, and agenda development
  • Expert facilitation
  • Insightful exercises that that spark thinking and action
  • Strategic exercises and team involvement
  • Moments of entertaining magic to captivate teams and highlight complex points
  • Professionally-designed slide deck, handouts, and training tools

One Degree Connect values philanthropy. We offer charitable rates to nonprofit organizations.


Expert tools and actionable insights


Memorable and magical experience 


Inspire teams and build purpose

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